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Senior Year Series

Book 1

A First Time for Everything

Hannah Bloom arrives on campus for her senior year of college a new woman. No more mortifying acne—though she still bears the scars—and no more trying to be invisible. She has two goals: get into med school and have sex before graduation. But getting into med school may prove easier than having sex, because Hannah has a secret—she’s never even been kissed.

What she needs is a tutor who’ll give her lessons in all the things she’s missed out on, and Casey Grant is the perfect candidate. Her dorm’s resident player, he’s not only the hottest guy she’s ever seen, he already knows her secret.

The only trouble is, nothing goes according to plan. Their lessons don’t feel like lessons, they feel like the real thing. She tries to date other guys, but nothing can compare with what she has with Casey. If she’s not careful she’ll fall for him just like every other girl on campus—and have her heart broken like them, too.

Book 2

The Whole Truth

My last semester of college starts off with a bang when sexy grad student Jude Driscoll takes me to bed and shows me what I’ve been missing the past four years. Then I get a hot tip for my next article in the campus paper when I learn that Carlyle University’s star English professor preys on female students. If I can break the story, it's guaranteed to jumpstart my journalism career.


The only problem? The professor I’m investigating turns out to be Jude’s hero. I can’t tell Jude about the juicy tip that has me showing up in his mentor’s class, and I can’t date him either. Maybe it’s for the best. We’re graduating soon, and we’re opposites in a lot of ways. Where I charge ahead, he thinks things through. He sees gray where I see black and white. But just talking to him gets me going like no guy ever has, and I can’t seem to forget our night together.


Then Jude invites me to take the self-defense class he teaches, and I fall even harder. Watching his muscles flex under those tight t-shirts makes me hope there’s still a way to be with him, even as I write the story that will expose his hero. Jude’s one of the good guys—but what if he can’t forgive me?

Whole Truth
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