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Stirred Up

Sin City, Book 2

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The last thing Cheryl Munro expects her first day student teaching is the sexy English teacher standing at the front of the classroom. But no matter how charming her new boss is, nothing is going to distract her from her goal – becoming a full-fledged teacher so she can put her years stripping at the Pink Pussycat Gentlemen’s Club behind her.

From the moment Cheryl walks into Jason Shaw’s classroom he has to remind himself she’s off-limits, at least until the semester’s over. But there’s no rule about being friends, and soon the two of them are spending time together after hours, doing their best to ignore their off-the-charts chemistry. He’s a patient man, and some things are worth waiting for.

But Jason’s discovery of the one secret Cheryl was determined to keep shakes both of them and confirms Cheryl’s worst fears. Will Jason be able to win back her trust, or do some scars run too deep?

Stirred Up is a full-length contemporary romance novel. It’s the second book in the Sin City series but can be read alone as well.