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Sin City Boxed Set

Sin City

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Set Loose (novella)
Stirred Up (novel)
Slow Burn (novel)

Set Loose
Emily Chase is desperate. Already deep in debt thanks to an injury that ended her ballet career, she's stuck in Las Vegas wondering how she'll pay for her car repairs. It’s not until she finds herself in the Pink Pussycat strip club that things start to look up. When she sees the money the dancers are making, she wonders if there could be a wild, sexy stripper inside her just waiting to come out. Then she meets gorgeous bouncer Cutter Lawrence, and he turns out to be just the inspiration she needs.

Stirred Up
The last thing Cheryl Munro expects her first day student teaching is the sexy English teacher standing at the front of the classroom. But no matter how charming her new boss is, nothing is going to distract her from her goal—becoming a full-fledged teacher so she can put her years stripping at the Pink Pussycat behind her. Jason doesn’t know anything about her past, and she’s going to keep it that way. 

Slow Burn
Beth Levine left her Ohio hometown and cheating fiancé behind to move to Las Vegas, determined to shake things up. She succeeds beyond her wildest dreams when she finds a job touring the country with a band that’s making some waves. The lead singer is sexy as sin, but Beth’s got a front row seat to all the girls who throw themselves at him, and she’s not interested in vying for his attention. Besides, all the sexual chemistry in the world won’t make them right for each other.