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Set Loose


Sin City, Book 1

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Emily Chase is desperate. Already deep in debt thanks to an injury that ended her ballet career, she's stuck in Las Vegas wondering how she'll pay for her car repairs. It’s not until she finds herself in the Pink Pussycat strip club that things start to look up. Just being there turns her on, and when she sees the money the dancers are making, she wonders if there could be a wild, sexy stripper inside her just waiting to come out. Then she meets gorgeous bouncer Cutter Lawrence, and he turns out to be just the inspiration she needs.

Cutter notices the beautiful blond the second she enters the club, and after catching sight of her impromptu audition, all he can think about are her endless legs and creamy skin. As soon as she’s hired he know he’s in trouble. The chemistry between them is unmistakable, and watching her strip is pure torture. But he’s fresh off a bad break-up, and the last thing he wants is to be the guy Emily slums with before she ditches Las Vegas and returns to her real life.

Cutter tries to keep his cool, but his restraint evaporates in the face of Emily’s heat. Soon the two of them are in far deeper than they ever expected. The only question is, how long will it last?

Set Loose is a steamy, 38,000 word novella.