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Keep Me

Tempt Me, Book 1

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What started off as a fling with Ian Sinclair is now a full-on love affair, and Nina Valentine can hardly believe her good fortune. Life with Ian gets more delicious every day, and after years of struggle all she has to worry about is her art.

But it’s not long before her doubts resurface and she’s once again wondering if she fits in Ian’s world. As generous as he is, she hates taking his money, and everyone from her own mother to Ian's friends seems to think less of her for it.

Alone in their little love nest the two of them make sense, but as soon as they let the outside world in, it all starts to fall apart. People are starting to talk, and she doesn’t like what they’re saying. Even worse, she’s starting to believe them.

Keep Me is a 28,000 word novella and the sequel to Tempt Me.